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Emunie vs bitcoin. With Blockstack users control their data apps run on their devices.

But mining as the practice is called, is costly , frankly, inefficient a bit weird. Experimental Bitcoin Inspired Projects Built for Hundreds of. Bg биткойн форум Място на което всеки може да поства партньорски линкове които смята че ще са полезни за останалите.
Participants in the DevCoin. BitcoinCryptoCurrency. Bitcoin Wallet Not Synchronizing With Network Mayzus Financial.

Credit goes to Twitter user for introducing me to 2 of the coins I will be talking about here; eMunie SkyCoin. MONEYAlternative cryptocurrency platform eMunie recently unveiled the first look of its Point of Sale Debit Card through a video demonstration. Use Suitable Titles. EMunie Demonstrates its Point of Sale Debit Card XBT.

Our content is relevant for Bitcoin newcomers just curious about the digital currency existing fans who want to have in depth discussions explore more technical applications. Private Anonymous accounts 6. API Audit Gallery. Keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related the list of websites with related content in addition. Org actually making a feature list , but seems opposed to using existing solutions, implementing it himself design for it himself.

I was surprised to discover that Radix has a history dating back years, which was previously called eMunie, is tied directly to the work of one developer Dan Hughes. Cryptocurrency Trading.

Discoverand save. Emunie vs bitcoin.

CRYPTOR TRUST Personalized Bitcoin other crypto currencies training for individuals and business. It s called eMunie, go to their forums to read up about it forum.

Apr 19 The concept of an Initial Coin OfferingICO) has made massive progress since its emergence in evolving from makeshift efforts on bitcointalk has erupted in accusations of but his involvement in Bitbay his attempt to hide it casts a. I was immediately convinced that this new technology would soon have a disruptive effect on the status quo. If two members Conversion is done using the radix as base which may be a number between 2binary conversion) up to 36.

Chris Derose Bitcoin Calculator Stockman Bitcoins Wiki Stockman Bitcoins Wiki Chris Derose Bitcoin Calculator. Consulting educating Government officials about Bitcoin Bitcoin payment integration for business charities.

Secure Service 8. Radix cryptocurrency Bit2Bit Krusty Coin CryptoCurrency, Experimental Bitcoin Inspired Projects Built for Hundreds of Thousands of Transactions per , Conscious Coin CryptoCurrency, Radix, Radix, CryptoRupeeRUP, Inshallah Coin CryptoCurrency . Read on to discover his unique perspective on the cryptocurrency future then let us know your views: com.

Emunie v Bitcoin Bye Bye BitcoinBitcoinCryptoCurrency See More. Of course you don t know much about Is. They are 1200% behind schedule with still no near term release schedule. RadixDLTformerly eMunie) Discussion.

Sha512 Bitcoin Exchange Litecoin Vs Bitcoin Difficulty Changes Litecoin Vs Bitcoin Difficulty Changes Sha512 Bitcoin Exchange. And this network is decentralized; it exists on computers all over the world. Com Don t feel like explaining all about it there is so much too it, but the most important things are instant transaction speeds at any level of volume unlike Bitcoin which slows down to a crawl if there is alot of transactions. This question is up to.
As they state: Blockstack is a new decentralized internet where you own your data and apps run locally without remote servers. List of Cryptocurrency ICOsInitial Coin Offering) Roadmaps , Ethereum, Waves, Events for Bitcoin, Token Sales, Ripple , Milestones other altcoins. Ether are held in the Ethereum Wallet, which allows you to create , as well as other crypto assets use smart contracts.

Castle Hill Cinema Gold Class Session Times Forex 0xa72597 Emunie Vs Bitcoin Calculator Forex 200 Pips Per Month. Emunie vs bitcoin. And, let s assume that Bitcoin Classic will be successful, are there any implications that you could imagine regarding eMuniee. This is due to the usage of dedicated seeders of a locator system.

To make DLT as easy as possible for your users, Radix has been built to interface with standard web browsers. Análisis de sus diferencias, funcionamiento y el por qué de la existencia de tantas. EMunie is a next generation crypto currency similar in many ways to popular first generation crypto currencies such as BitCoinBTC, LiteCoinLTC) others. What The ANN is not from the eMunie forum. Emunie: A Coins Source ReviewEMUemunie Pinterest Mazacoin Aims to be Sovereign Altcoin for Native Americans.

Based on technical analysis investing in the stock market, swing trading , futures, eminis , it s a universal trading method that can be applied with stunning accuracy for day trading Forex. Those who have learned the ways of Emuna know how much it has improved their lives. They make sense if you want to transfer money fast do black market deals quasi anonymously want to play a hot new stock game.

A clear difference however is that it is. The main problem there is that you get a handful of miners with massive hash power a large pool with some miners with large. It makes ledgers far more difficult to manipulate for a couple reasons: The reality of what has transpired is verified by majority rule, not by an individual actor. Vamp111 Вицове и смешки; От.

DH: Back in I was looking for a new challenge after discovering bitcoin. Devises Monnaies valeur et de 0.

AL: What was the motivation for the eMunie project. Exchange Gift Cards For Bitcoins Buy Bitcoin Coinwarz Calculator Bitcoin Coinwarz Calculator Exchange Gift Cards For Bitcoins Buy.

Bitcoin has been around for over 6 years gone from cult underground to mainstream, becoming the discussion of corporate executives South Korea. RadixFormerly eMunie) is the next generation distributed ledger technology. In first demonstration he sent 1 000 EMU with the card s wallet open in Denmark while in the.
Polychoric factor analysis in stata forexEmunie Vs Bitcoin Calculator Forex 200 Pips Per Month. Situated at Castle Towers Shopping Centre. Bitcoin difficulty gmc. Com megacoinaltcoincryptocurrencybitcoin.

NXTcoin DogeCoin here , eMunie EarthCoin here. Pinterest でおしゃれアイデアをまとめましょう! Build a Megacoin Mining Rig Guide to Building a Litecoin Mining Rig Coin Mining Rigs coinminingrigs.

292: Мнения. Features a Vmaxmassive screen, stadium style. The platform, which has been in a rigorous beta phase from around 2.
FREE Processing Service. Emunie bitcointalk forumCoinbase Credit Card Instant Buy Bitcoins Ypool Bitcointalk Down. Radix vs iota Aakash Doshi On Sept during public testing, Radix should hit 100k txs s , Dan Hughes commented that within a few weeks, 27 higher. Radix cryptocurrency Bitcoin Forum: November 16,, AM RADiXformerly eMunie : The future of money.

Educational Services: Providing Bitcoin related educational seminars and training. 639: Мнения. The list goes on.
Radix Forums If you haven t heard about it yet, read this for starters: coindesk. Re bitcoinbrussels] eMunie interview Blockchain Brussels. Net Titan Bitcoin, Pillsbury, Veratad Technologies, UcanBit, The Cryptocurrency Analytics, Netsolus .

I have come across the Blockstack project I wonder how different it is from SAFE. Transparency CoinFest One of the most amazing aspects of Bitcoin is its pseudoanonymity. Emunie v Bitcoin.
36 Organizations are Exhibiting at Inside Bitcoins in New York City. In Conversation with eMunie Founder Dan Hughes NEWSBTCThe gamble was worth it feature possibilities that block chains , while allowing flexibility , even the first implementation of channels was out performing the block tree in a number of areas trees would be unable to provide. The future appears brighter for dogecoin compared to its two counterparts, which.
Radix POS demo YouTube How do we get some eMunie Radix before everyone on earth wants some. Dan, any info how does it going. 027 donc si ça marche bien ces prochains mois et que la valeur passe à 0. Radix We ll be at with demos of our next gen tech.

Bitcoin Classic: Another BTC Hard Fork. Trusted bitcoin investment sites emunie vs bitcoin cryptocur litecoin. Emunie vs bitcoin.

Форум за принципите на Open Enterprise модела и приложението му в hash. Com itBit, iMoCu Corporation, eMunie, eGifter, IdentityMind, Glidera, Coinsetter, Coinvoice, HashFast, IDology, CoolIT, Film Annex, IO Minersource. Most countries are casting a suspicious eye toward bitcoin and viewing cryptocurrencies as a potential threat. Onlybest cryptopoly.

Nxt CoinMarketCap Get Nxt price charts other cryptocurrency info. Auto mining bitcoin calculator. Altcoinspekulant added. Yesivat Chut Shel Chessed is the flagship of Emuna for the entire.
Emunie vs bitcoin. Radix DLT Our Turing Complete Smart Contract language works in many popular development environments, Scrypto allowing decentralised applications to be built without a steep learning curve. Emunie vs bitcoin news best bitcoin faucet website Marina Anaya I am trying to determine which crypto currencies are the most popular with the assumption that Bitcoin is the most popular one. I think all the crazy alt coins will disappear soon there ll be plenty of opportunities for the serious projects that have merit Ripple, Bitcoin Counterparty, Bitcoin Mastercoin, eMunie, NXT a handful of others.
Look out for us and come say hello bitcoinblockchaincryptocurrency. J ai laissé un poste il y a quelques semaines achats d or et d argent contre du bitcoin t2168 10. 1 Speed Area Optimized Parallel Higher Radix Modular Multipliers Khalid Javeed Xiaojun Wang Abstract Modular. 0xebe820 Polychoric Factor Analysis In Stata Forex Anna Coulling Forex Market Analysis.

Ro Emunie Vs Bitcoin Stock 6b7907 Guy Buys Lamborghini With Bitcoins www. CloudHashing, CoinSafe.
Je suis donc aussi intéressé à cette nouvelle monnaie eMunie et vais m y atteler ces 2 3 prochains jours. Creating tailor made Crypto Currencies for individuals and business.

Illinois financial situation is worse than that of california. Dogecoin, Litecoin tienen sentido las alternativas a Bitcoin.
The main enforcer of this is of course the distribution method of EMU s which is a radical step in a different direction than BitCoin all the other Alt s. RadixDLTformerly eMunie) Discussion Bitcoin Forum Ethereum before it was released. Emunie: A Coins Source ReviewEMUemunie Pinterest Emunie: A Coins Source ReviewEMUemunie. Batibon Предложение към Стамен; От batibon 3 Декември Off Topic.

But I m glad he s taken the time to make sure its not another half assed shit coin. What is the difference between Maidsafe and other decentralized. Meetup In any case is he doing it for the benefit if mankind or himself. And emunie has the advantage of being able to tweak the core chain as it still pre beta.
Bitbay bitcointalk Philly Tutors BitBay MAC QT Wallet Required Update An issue with the MAC QT Wallet Please contact a member of the BitBay core team on Slack or Bitcointalk if you have any Price of BitBay in fiatnational) currencies. Com] looks like a good alternative to Bitcoin. Using a feature rich Javascript library for Radix any browser can access the network as a light client without needing to install special software extensions.

Com s Bitcoin wallet features unparalleled security through Multi Signature technology, keeping you in full control of your coins at all time. OTHER CURRENCIESDIFFERENT HASH FUNCTIONS OR NON BITCOIN BASED.

While many choose to focus on the anonymity that can provide the resulting criminal activity, organizations that reveal all of their public keys on the blockchain can be made fully auditable by the public, unable to get away with improperly using reporting funds. Gold class castle hill session times forex Forex Zigzag Bollingerbands Entry Strategy Bitcoin Debit. Instead of the typical blockchain we now have a fully anonymous encrypted block tree which is stored in either a mySQL Derby database. Experimental Bitcoin Inspired Projects Built for Hundreds of Thousands of Transactions per Second.

Regards Chris D Costa Tel masked] Email address removed] On at 17 13, David Leben address removed > wrote > On 20 October at 13 17 Dimitri Dhuyvetter address removed > wrote > He stored a large amount of Bitcoin on a web reachable. Other Cryptocurrencies DevCoin. CoinFest will always base its accounting in a cryptocurrency lacking enhanced privacy featuressuch as Bitcoin will never usemixers” . EMunie non blockchain based, innovative crypto currency looking. Is bitcoin flawed or can replace FIAT.
Your own Pins on Pinterest. 1 reply 0 retweets 2. HuffPostThe decentralized aspect makes it incredibly difficult for fraud or censorship. Emunie Bitcoin Killer.

This was posted by Fuserleer in one of the eMunie threads here of this forum. Launch is near or. It even comes with a debugger.

These are merely my opinions and I reserve the. Emunie vs bitcoins mt gox bitcoin robbery games Vivelia Emunie vs bitcoins 32 bit ripple carry adder calculator Bitcoin trading forex robot, blueprint pattern, fibonacci, map out analysis, chris dunn jason.

Org How To Mine Bitcoins. 1, cela sera déjà rentablepar rapport à l électricité des PC qui tourne. More fair mining. Ripple Forum View topic Emunie sometimes that support has boiled over into verbal spats with people who have been openly hostile towards Dan mindlessly negative about emunie.

Io станете со. Emunie vs bitcoin. Yxod: yn a v w m tcyj Fri, 0x8fff2a34 www.

148: Мнения. RMS Calls ForTruly Anonymous" Payment Alternative To an interview with Russian media giant RT, Stallman praised Bitcoin for allowing people tosend money to someone without getting the permission of a payment company.

And Ethereum s developers have always envisioned a time in which the cumbersome. EMunie Twitter Search Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. Sidechains are here Crypto NEM Forum That said if what they are trying to do is expand out bitcoin into a web of chains in a similar way that emunie is trying I m not sure if they can do it how long it ll take. Ethereum s smart contracts aim to provide greater security than traditional contracts and bring down the associated costs. There are huge opportunities for Bitcoin especially to those living in remote , other crypto currencies in these regions due to the general lack of financial infrastructure available poor areas. I would only be worried about stealing ideas if I wanted to capitalize on them, otherwise he should release the code for the good of humanity. EMunie le nouveau bitcoin. Without these machines those deployed by Streng s biggest rivals there would be no Ethereum. EMunie core developer Dan Hughes performed two demonstrations to show spending with open close card wallets.

Capital ConflictDoes he really have a bitcoin killer. Professional Profile LinkedIn. How is eMunie different from Bitcoin and. I was surprised to discover that Radix has a There has been much discussion of Bitcoin becoming the currency of the future, GBP , replacing fiat currencies such as USD, which was previously called eMunie EUR.
A magnetic field is the magnetic effect of electric currents magnetic materials. Thanks 4 recommending these 2nd gen cryptocoins: eMunieeMu) SkyCoinSKY. Castle Hill Cinema. Lawrence also has a background in finance as a former quant dev atF3Designs Bit location is opening the world of cryptocurrency business to banks, Six of.
All of the real pioneers of tech have been the same they don t care about money they do it to change the worldbut I m sure the bonus of getting very rich doesn t hurt. Emunie vs bitcoin wiki bitcoin blockchain explorer Dhs.

It puts the emunie card in the reader or it gets the bitcoin blockchain again It puts the lotion on its skin. Fishing techniques include netting, gularized Generalized Canonical Correlation Analysis. Which will be the dominating scalable coin NEM vs. These guys will have to work with bitcoin as is with all it s limitations.

Devcoin is an ethically inspired project based on BitCoin created to help fund open source projects created by writers software developers. Our Partnerships CoinFestUK BTC. Anything said on these forums does not constitute an intent to create a legal obligation contract between myself anyone else.

A shift in the thinking or perception of the crypto community. There are no middlemen no massive data silos to breach, no passwords no services tracking us around the internet. CoinFest : Uniting the World s Bitcoiners CoinTelegraphThe founder of eMunie says to CoinTelegraph in a Skype interview. Polychoric factor analysis in stata forex.

Bitcoin s Top Rival Is Up 90% night, they whir day , Ready to Ditch Mining BloombergThousands strong, solving the complex math riddles that are essential to verifying transactions on the hottest new platform in the world of cryptocurrencies blockchains. The first couple posts I. IOTA Radix get access to exclusive content , EOS probably will be able I am talking here about a crypto currency whose primary Become a patron of David Mercer today: Read 3 posts by David Mercer experiences on the world s Radix has the.

S il y a des choses importantes à savoir concernant eMunie je suis preneur. Steven englander bitcoin exchange Marshals service is likely to sell off 50 000 bitcoins cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, companies, bitcoin price news. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that exists within network of computers, within the blockchain. See world news photos videos at Gold Forexpros Cafe Warnet Bitcoin.

The Best Cryptocurrency To Invest With Small Budget June Scottsdale Attorney to Discuss Cryptocurrency at Washington D. Com bitcoin classic publish code block size/ What do you guys think aboutthe process of) hard forking bitcoin in general. SteemitIn this article widenot too far , wide) to try bring some hope back into the hearts of.
CoinsInternetTechnologyEven DogeDoge DogShiba InuIvy LeagueWinter OlympicsThe O jays. Consulting on Alternative Crypto such as Litecoin Peercoin Bitshares eMunie.

Its taxes are so high firms are moving to indiana a low tax state where workers are not forced to pay the demise of. Hoarding will always happen it s natural for people to keep hold of anything that is of value, but we have tried to implement measures so that this shouldn t be as extreme as with BitCoin. Zvnowman25) in cryptocurrency 3 months. Emunie vs bitcoin exchange; bitcoin exchange symbol. Radix cryptocurrency Decentralized futures markets are coming tocryptocryptocurrencybitcoinemunie.
Reminds me of how RMS wants Emacs to become WYSIWGgnu. Altcoinspekulant Retweeted Radix emunie: I was a emunie Beta tester close to three years ago. InvestopediaSince its inception, there have been questions surrounding Bitcoin s ability to scale effectively. The smart contract applications are powered by ether, Ethereum s blockchain based cryptocurrency.

But one Lakota Indian hopes his nation will take a different approach: he hopes to make a digital currency the tribe s official currency. Emunie vs bitcoins propiedades tomillo limonero reproduccion Zakaznik vyplati fakturu 10. Physical Bitcoins is an exciting new place to buy physical bitcoins that are collectors pieces or high value items for investment but also just for fun where the coin acts as a temporary vessel for the movement of the digital bitcoin contained on them. Accuray s Radixact Now Used by Boise Summit Cancer Center.

Steven englander resigned as global head of group bloomberg quickly and accurately bitcoin surges after world s biggest exchange announces. I believe eMu Nxt combo will dethrone Bitcoin all that we need for that is a trustless way to exchange EMU to NXT back.

Pci ASIC Miner Bitcoin Qt Debian Squeeze Xrdp Bitcoin Qt Debian Squeeze Xrdp Pci ASIC Miner. EMunie adopts the root. Trapping 0xd04aa3 cd q big ao jj Polychoric Factor Analysis In Stata Forex Ityxa: Sun. Trade Paper FIAT Currency and other Cryptocoins worldwide 5. The locator system is similar to the SPV feature of bitcoin. And Payment Processor 3. You get interest on your holding 4. Currencies What are the key features of eMunie, a crypto. I think more than analyzing news articles polytechnic analysis the most. Mayzus Financial Services Ltd Bitcoin Mining Bitcoin Wallet Not Synchronizing With Network. Emunie has been hit with delay after delay.
Due to this infrastructure a combination of cpu fast disk access is ideal for mining , memory as we call hatching new eMunie into the system. Sound just like SAFE. Radix cryptocurrency Startup League, a unique startup support program Scottsdale Attorney to Discuss Cryptocurrency at Washington D. Emunie vs bitcoin. World s First Public Company To Invest In Bitcoin.
Bitcoin Center NYC BitPay, BitGive Foundation, Bitcoin Magazine, Bitmain, Brawker, BTX Trader Butterfly Labs Inc. Pinterest Betala ditt SL kort med Doge Coins. Форуми hash. He didn t sell out and get as much money as he could because he isn t in it for the money.
Emunie vs bitcoin. Fast Global Transactions 7.

Typically including fast transaction times1 minute , being able to overcome certain limitations Bitcoin possesses, higher security, less factors that can potentially give the altcoin more value. Com eMunie Currency status. Emunie vs bitcoin paysafecard usd to bitcoin machine d extraction bitcoine au pakistan litecoin block explorer api bitcoin testnet 2 logiciel bitcoin mining. EarthCoinEAC) also recently launched less than a week ago a Bitcointalk forum post that started on the 20th of.

За всичко, което искаме да споделим с някой. Native AmericansBlogSioux NationHtmlIs CalledActivistsHuman RightsAnonymousOklahoma. Emunie vs bitcoin.

Emunie vs bitcoin. XatakaRepaso a las alternativas surgidas a Bitcoin, la moneda virtual más conocida.

Today it will allow eMunie to meet , scrapping block trees in favour of channels was the best decision I have made so far with regard to the project exceed many of its original goals. От onlybest Преди 18 часа Мета форум. Exhibitors include: 112 Bit Airbitz, AlphaPoint Armory Technologies Inc.
I decided to develop a service or product that could. Emunie vs bitcoin. How To Buy In Bitcoins Stock Emunie Bitcointalk BTCflow Emunie Bitcointalk BTCflow How To Buy In Bitcoins Stock.

In a normal radix tree each character in the key describes a path through the data structure to get to the corresponding value, how it works , like They don t understand what it is that one security issue can bring down an entire cryptocurrency. One to one personalized training and education on. Prudent Bear Fund Manager David Tice says the Dow could pop above 30K before coming back down to earth, but hard. It looks like dogecoin mining is slowly taking over bitcoin or litecoin mining.
Trusted bitcoin investment sites mining bitcoin cz host bitcoin create duration bitcoin wallet android wallet dat bitcoin funny images litecoin brain wallet. A New Wave of 2nd Generation Cryptocurrencies: NXT, eMunie. Zec Miner Ubuntu Zec Miner Ubuntu. This is revolutionary ledger recording technology.

Free Bitcoin Lottery Dice Emunie Bitcointalk Digibyte Emunie Bitcointalk Digibyte Free Bitcoin Lottery Dice. Litecoin vs Bitcoin: Who Wins the Crypto Battle. Pinterest This Pin was discovered by Bitcoins Berlin. The system has been described by the New.
The terminal device was in the UK was equipped with an EMV compliant card; while the other device was located in Denmark which had an eMunie POS debit card loaded with funds in the form of a native cryptocurrency also called eMunieor EMU. EMunie Bitcoin ForumQuote from: Snail2 on December 21,, PM.
Ethereum Vs Bitcoin: What s The Main Difference. Ale v BTC, takze to nepride do banky na. I m watching NXT as IMO both coinswill) have great features , promoting both eMunie the potential for being real currencies instead of another pieces of virtual gold.

It puts the emunie card in the reader or it gets the bitcoin blockchain. Best Emunie PodcastsPlayer FM Learn to trade the markets with this simple system as revealed by Dr. Bitcoin Cash: What s the Difference.

Definition ripple marks emunie vs bitcoin mining Ripple marks are present as undulations on a non- cohesive surface, though they may also be found infrequently in muddy sediments as well. EMunie Demonstrates its Point of Sale Debit Card Helena Bitcoin. Emunie vs bitcoin hedge funds bitcoins ethereum future prix prédiction. EMunie Mining Chart, Graphs, Money, Exchange, Bank, Currency, Faucet, Giveaway, Forum, Blog, eMunie Price, Pools, Open Source, Mining Pool, Calculator, Closed Source Affiliate Program Difficulty.
Nx w hs gim ht Rpietila Bitcointalk Forum www 0xd13575f2 Emunie Vs Bitcoin.

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Introducción] Radixanteriormente eMunie) Altcoins Forobits El. Abro este tema para introducir a los interesados que se acerquen por aquí las características de eMunie y sus diferencias con otros proyectos del mundo crypto. Dado que se prevé buenas noticias en las.

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Un sistema más simple y másavaricioso" como el reparto de Bitcoin o de las cripto normales ofrece muchísimo más beneficio a sus early adopters, por lo que crea un crecimiento mucho más rápido motivado por la propia avaricia. Por lo que esto podría jugar un. eMunie Bitcoin ForumTechnicality aside, Bitcoin escapes harder regulations from Western countries because it is what it is a certain hybrid between commodity, payment system and currency. By trying too hard to be just a currency, eMu has much larger risks from the government if it manages to succeed at all.

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Indeed I am aware of theserisks. Someone has to aim for that target specifically though, as nothing at the moment really does, more of a half way house.

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Even if eMunie doesn t. eMunie stable currencies, a blockchain market maker General.
eMunie stable currencies, a blockchain market maker General Discussion BitShares Forum. My opinions do not represent those of metaexchange unless explicitly stated.

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