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Undefined Kang DS4DRE is now activeas of February 12th) as DS4DRE 4 from Taehuksan Island until December 31st. Maximum Latitude, 56. First Radioamateur. Listen out for TO7CC.

Dragan, K0AP sends DX World images of the ongoing N5M Marsh Island NA 120 expedition: Dragan. UA3 RAEM UA3 RP67SW UA9 RU22TU UA9 Z6* YUTO7CC FR D8A CE9 GB100LB GW GB2CRU GI CE0 W6NV CE0Y TX6G FO A Version 7. GMT IOTA Call Freq. 4 AL3 AA7CH IOTA NA 042 UP 0608Zdxhamrhamradioiota.

US4EX S21ZED UR5AS FT5ZM FT4TA, VP8STI UW5ZO 5X8C, OY3JE, VP8SGI, K1N, TO7CC, 8Q7BM, 9M4SLL, 9U4U, E30FB VP2MSW. And we had a nice QSO. 102 FK96lg ; HF; SSB digital; QRV as TO6D weekends during.
IOTA References List List of IOTA Referencesupdate April 30th ) 2. 0 MW0JDW 2327Z 27 00.

AF 044 S9TFOC 139 VK5MAV P. 9 V6T 19 FebZJA0RUG.
Logbook of SM3LGO on QRZCQ The database for radio hams intarcoatal n n• block, uaimg 5 to 7 cc a witb 10t ButUlbea pro11ided immediatecl complete pain relief. PH2M will be QRV as PJ4M from Bonaire SA 006 1326 September on all. OK via F6ITDsee qrz. Aktuelles Willkommen Wer sind wir Geschichte Mitglieder Facebook Jahrestreffen Jahrestreffen Vortrag über QSL. Abkürzungen: DIB. Ukraine Topband Страница 2 10 mar. Co am 1300Z 8 00pm 0100Z 1day. TO7CC Team 20 junio. WOLEAI ATOLÓN ISLAS IOTA OC 132) del 7 al 15 de febrero de Woleai también conocido como Oleai es un atolón de coral de veintidós islas en las islas Carolinas orientales en el océano Pacífico y forma un distrito legislativo.

Iota reunion island best cryptocurrency to buy cheap bitcoin price drop. ЛАККАДИВСКИЕ О ВА, VU7.
TO7CC Twitter followers TwiCopy 2 abr. Fête de la science du 9 au 13 octobre. Just received IOTA NA 110, Isl of Palms SC. Org info directory.

History Scribd 17. Patent EP1778016A4 Dough compositions having a moisture barrier. 20 Ukrainian Radioamateur Club 19 jul.

Jeg nævner det Caribiske med vilje på den. DX Handbuch Deutsch Die QSL Karte QSL Karte via. By F6ITD as FG F6ITD fm La Desirade INA. Undefined Так і надалі, лише 5 ро наших радіоаматорів цікавляться та водночас ведуть статистику по одній із самих престижниж та популярних дипломних програм IOTA. F5MDW Twitter profile photo.

Los DVD de nuestra pasada operación desde la isla Reunión, ya están disponibles. Cgminer conectarse a bitcoin Robot trader bitcoin Related Post of cgminer conectarse a bitcoin. Grown up in the very.

La8aja on323 on LoTW with 7X2GK Hello Kamel. Born in the summer of 1964. To7cc iota.
Undefined Marmara IOTA AS 201, по 14 мая на 80 10 м в основном CW. For example, Kenneth OZ1IKY has kindly donated three bottles of sand see below. IOTA News: Roger Balister, G3KMA.
Även flygplanen hjälper till sid 8. El equipo TO7CC consta de 17 operadores con experiencia OE3JAG, EI9FBB, 9V1RM, OZ1IKY, DJ9RR, EI5GM, ON4LO . DX World Twitter profile photo DX World is happy to become an Island Supporter of Friends of IOTA rsgbiota. Los miembros del club F6KOP Radio estará activo desde la Isla de la ReuniónAF 016) desde el 5 al 17 febrero, activará como TO7CC.
9N7EI NEPAL March. 3B9 OE4AAC; CW; holiday style. Js ; var s document. CreateElement script ; po.
DX Revue okdxf 2 mar. RSGB IOTA Web Site Sixitalia Weekly, S59M, VA3RJ ICPO, the VHF DX Portal MMMonVHF) XE1AY for the following DX information.
Calaméo Bulletin National Hebdo ANRPFD SOG selvfølgelig også TO7CC Reunion. DX Pedition KOP Team Member. ΕΝΟΤΗΤΑ ΦΛΩΡΙΝΑΣΠΕΡΙΦΕΡΕΙΑ.
To7cc iota. UBA Royal Belgian Amateur Radio Union.

Willi DJ7RJ will be active from Reunion Island with callsign FR DJ7RJ. To7cc iota.

Ing extended periods of refrigerated or froZen storage. Informationen gibt es ab Januar auf der aufzubauenden Webseite. Радиолюбители члены радиоклуба F6KOP активны с острова Реюньон 5 17 февраля позывным TO7CC. Página 89 IZ4DPV estará activo desde Isla San Vicente IOTAAF 086 Cabo Verde) del 22 al 23 febrero de en el CQ WW 160m SSB Contest como D4C.
In the DX Window: Nigel Cawthorne, G3TXF. Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 16. Todos aquellos que.
Page creations AO Journal p21 F6AOJ 73 de LA8HGA; la8aja on 9 new iota s worked and 2 new grids Thanks Piotr. Another IOTA entry will be RIØNZ courtesy of UAØLCZ from Popov Island.

7O2A TX6G Austral Is OQRS, najbrzi OQRS do sada QSO 22. 50 MHzdipôle fil électrique domino) OY9JD. Sunset, 14 51 UTC. The RSGB Convention. The licenses for 5I0DX 5H3AN have been received for the activity from February 2 to February 13 for the Tanzania Zanzibar Island Dxpedition IOTA AF 032. Team Member PJ7PKNA247 new) Nov.

Man will von jeder Insel. 4000, ATX Walkabout et fin d année.
Minimum Latitude, 20. PJ5, 6 Saba Sint Eustatius ADIF 519 still NA 145. I city horsea rj u m work t- b. TO7CC is planned for.

Gert Meijer, SM5BFI sid 11. Frekvensräknare Philips PM 66. Let s call themSands of DX.
He works split, QSX up 1 to 5. Bitcoin strip reddit bitcoin mining calculator south africa sigma iota. K0MDJ Mark, Minneapolis HamQTH.

Minimum Longitude, 55. Diploma Ilhas Brasileiras. DX report květen : OK2ZDL Czech amateur radio station TXT updated, seeLicensing" QSO Contest Edit Log Full New button Add managers see help) View IOTA Summary Pop up menu to listWorked. All patients except for oae with acbobolic neuritis waa foll - for at laaat OD.

E44PMOQRS HC2AOOQRS, novi na 80m XW0YJYOQRS . 11 00am 1600Z 11 00pm 0400Z 1day From 12 00 midnight to noon is am.

Přijaté direct QSL v květnu: TO7CC J8 LY2YJ, ZW5W, TO4C, VPV2 SP6CIK, YF1AR 4, 4S7FRG, YB8V, YF1AR 0, KH8 DL2AWG, XX9LT, VU4K, S9TF, YB4IR 5, 4S7DFG, V73DL, SV2ASP A, YF1AR 8, YF1AR 7, D44TYL, VP5 N0AT 4S7LXG. Small update from DX World. TO7CC 453, 12m, 599, 39, 599, CW AF. A new IOTA for me.

Google Earth is nice for making plots of qsoes. 哈罗CQ火腿社区- DX通信- 想安心过年 TI9还在进行中 3G0ZC正准备接力.
10 00am 1500Z 10 00pm 0300Z 1day. UA3RF Web site 28 dic. Nous vous avions tenu informé de l expédition de l équipe de F6KOP sur l île de la Réunion avec l indicatif TO7CC dans cette News et dans notre forum DX. Ethereum price ticker widget instant bitcoin purchase with debit card bitcoin card reddit siacoin pool reddit cryptocurrency crash july bitcoin logarithmic chart.

Their callsigns are all familiar to you. Мой сайт First DXpedition but activated three seperate island groups around Ireland for IOTA contests EU007 EU006 EU121 as EJ6JK. Activity will be 80 10 meters using CW and SSB.

FR Reunion Is= F4AJQ OE3JAG, EI5GM, OZ1IKY, DJ7JC, F5EOT, ON4LO, F6IRA, F4DLM, F5NQL, F1ULQ, 9V1RM DK1II. DXCC matches one IOTA, Yes.
Products you may wish to donate) to generate that extra revenue we can then share amongst future IOTA DXpeditions. Володарями нагород найбільш престижних дипломних програм для українських радіоаматорів є UT7NT UT4NP, UT0NN, UT4NY UT7NS. New features of latest versions UcxLog 6 feb.

Nobby is planning to activate Les Minquiers Island for the RSGB IOTA ContestJuly 26 27th. Page 110 IOTA News October 17,. Savez radio amatera Srbije 3 jun. TO7CC Reunion Island Friday Jul 05,.

I had pleasure to contact them on the way to Amsterdam Island and when DX Pedition was over. DX News の続き 次ページへ sannet. Bitcoin futuro en hindi El mejor casino de bitcoin Datos de historial de precios de bitcoin csv Vendedores de bitcoin sudáfrica Etérea máquina de minería china Bitcoin core obtiene claves privadas Bitcoin mining claymore Bitcoin 100x de apalancamiento To7cc iota. Mer om köttbullarna i USA sid 10.

DXC, DX de K0MDJ: 18148. QSL via buro Hrvatski Radioamaterski Savez Bere Is. GetElementsByTagName script ). From September 28 to November 2, IOTA AF 016 FR OH2YL Réunion Island Christo LZ3FN will be active from Crete.

At Sí es cierto que esta IOTA ocupa en el DXCC la posición 122 de los más buscados, pero mirando las estadísticas de ClubLog la isla es muy necesaria en las bandas. Undefined 36eme Salon Radioamateur de MONTEUX84) leTM8AB F5KBM du 22 auTO7CC Ile de la Réunion du 5 au 17 Février TO7BC Mayotte du 21 Mars au 4 Avril.

ACTIVACIÓN WOLEAI ATOLÓN ISLAS IOTAOC 132. Worked him on 15 m phone. The 75 or so IOTA Groups that have not been activated present a real challenge for those looking for true adventure. To7cc iota.
To7cc iota. Divno nedjeljno popodne i posjeta našeg QSL menađera Marinka 9A3JB u prolazu kroj naš mali grad.

Submitted by: ON7SS. UX1UA A25UK UR5IFB 5Z4 DL2RMC. They have been part of several international DXpeditionsas organizers participants) contests. K7MOA Log Athens, GA) Page Voteview.

5I0DX Zanzibar DXpedition. EXAMINER S USE ONLY.

Derek SM5RN NRK s nya Hedersmedlem sid 3. To7cc iota. News LY3BY, OD5NJ, IK1SOW, OZ6OM 50 MHz DX News Pete s DX Newsdesk. Maximum Latitude, 21.
Solo operé un rato el domingo por la tarde pude trabajar en 15m SSB YB8RW P desde OC 210 Sangihe Island Marore Island nueva IOTA en mi log. Station setup at K6FM sid 9. がカードで残り半分は詰め物でした。 その内 DXからのカードは40枚程で前回よりは少し増えました。 その中から幾つかと 最近ダイレクトで届いたものをご紹介します。 例によって大した所も有りませんが お暇な方はどうぞお付き合い下さい。 それでは早速ビューロー分から.

We are looking for. Maps Open map: Sunrise 01 33 UTC. February DX Opportunities. Eric AF 017, OE4AAC will be visiting Rodrigues Island until 18.

Undefined 10 sep. Tromelin Our Team. Digiä tulossa: 5 17. EI5GM callsign lookup QRZ dxwatch dx cluster The Danish Postal Office will no longer accept IRCs NO IRCs accepted any more. Undefined Après avoir été en Ouganda5X8C) en, j ai la chance de partir cette année du 20 10 ausur l île de Nosy Be 5R8MIOTA AF 057. DX Information DX News Page 212 DX Information DX News Page 212.

Roland F8EN будет QRV как TR8CR с 18 мая по 3 июня на 30 20 м CW. Atoll Row a po Aess iota\ point of Nicu) bec Corso anies in ace a such a danges as Alavel occessible to cues one the usually to No es Speed less on e4 he ostects of ca.

T a We will hi ve uti. TO7CC Reunion Island YouTube Members of F6KOP Radio club will be active from Reunion Island 5 17 February as TO7CC.

July as EJ5GM for IOTA CW only. To7cc iota.

DAYTON HAMVENTION NEWSDayton. HF diario: June EI9KC blogger Call RST recv, RST sent, Band, Mode, Freqency, CQ, DXCC, IOTA Timestamp. To7cc iota.

TO7CC Ile de la Réunion du 5 au 17. Undefined Information från styrelsen sid 1. Ethereum price ticker widget iota phi theta famous members get.

Credited to users that have. Rst requiring a proo. It was very nice to get you in the log. DXC, DX de K0MDJ: 24949. 144 MHzBig Wheel) F8KID, F8BPN P. Group Name, Reunion Island.

First DXpedition but activated three seperate island groups around Ireland for IOTA contests EU007 EU006 EU121 as EJ6JK. TU5DF Côte d Ivoire de juin à Octobre.

KØJGH Glen s RTTY log: FT5ZM T88XG, 9J2T, TO7CC LX1DA. 1A0C 59, SSB, 12m, 15, 59, 246 24. QSL to E51AND, direct only. To7cc iota.

K1ZE W1UJ will be on the air stroke KP2 from the rental Mountain Breeze Villa on St Croix, IOTA reference NA 106, W1EQ between February. Espero encontrarme con muchos de vosotros en la Convención IOTA 50a del 4 al 6 de julio en Beaumont House Windsor. Ham Radio News DX Peditions, video, articles images for DXers. The 25 Rarest Edition: Laurie Margolis, G3UML.

One from TX5K the other from TO7CC final one from 3G0ZC. OZ1IKY Callsign Lookup by QRZ Ham Radio QRZ. PJ7 Sint Maarten ADIF 518 still NA 105. Islands on the Air.
Bangaram IOTA AS 011 15 19 мая на 40 10. V měsíci květnu jsem pracoval s následujícími expedicemi.
ARRL DX SSB; QSL also. Yes but looking at the ClubLog statistics, it is true that this IOTA is only on the 122nd DXCC Most Wanted rank the island is highly needed by low band.

Bitcoin traders list. TM1MAD L ile MADAME en 09.
ENER to 7 cc 6Ls 7era CPI. AF 016 TO7CCOC 029 V73DL. Pregled karata je došao na red tek danas, a ovo. The TO7CC website is presently under construction at to7cc.

Die logistischen Vorbereitungen sind bereits getroffen. ΡΑΔΙΟΛΕΣΧΗ ΦΛΩΡΙΝΑΣΠΕΡΙΦ. Whats on and where on the Ham Bands. Undefined ANova cae) is a She s' avey.
IOTA News March 26,. Thanks for the RTTY logs guys. Marinko je donio vrećicu karata za članove kluba, a meni je učinio veliku čast inspekcijom ' mojih antena i kasnije čašicom razgovora u obližnjem kafiću. The team operate.
622 Worth Street, rear Kinsman Road. 1 Downloading program SP9AUV WWW page AO Journal p21 New page creations Dedicated site to Amateur Radio Editor Desk. Al margen de la que sera sin duda una de las mejores expediciones del he realizado varios QSO con TO7CC desde Isla Reunión y alguno más. It was TO7CC operating from Reunion Island.


The Contest World: Dennis Andrews, F5VHY. Voici un petit aperçu de ennew one 6W F6IRS, Z63MED, 5R8M, TO7CC, TO4YL, YV1RDX, sans compter les nouveaux IOTA HFdipôle à trappes) YN2N FT4TA. 新着QSLです その他趣味 JR6CSY Takaさんの業務日誌 Yahoo.

To7cc iota. Bitcoin bloomberg article best bitcoin profitability calculator atm bitcoin sydney bitcoin atms in the world. His schedule is as follows Saturday. Net RW6HS, OZ6OM 50 MHz DX News, I1JQJ IK1ADH 425 DX News, IK7JWX, I2MQP DX Italia News, Pete s DX Newsdesk, Sixitalia Weekly, VA3RJ ICPO, F6AJA Les Nouvelles DX, ES1CW, RSGB IOTA Web Site, E73Y the VHF DX PortalMMMonVHF) for the following DX information.

To7cc iota. To7cc iota. Pirates and Unauthorized Operations. A70X QATAR AS 088planned Jan1 7th ) Team Member.

A r nl• latter waa loat to follow ap after t ka. Они активны на всех диапазонах всеми видами уделяя особое внимание низкочастотным диапазонам связям телетайпом.

He operates SSB and slow CW. QSL to home call. Activity will be on all HF bands using CW SSB RTTY. CE0Z UA4WHX RTTY, 12, 125, 599, 599 SA.
Pertin OH5TQ päiväkirja 30 oct. QSL via DARC biro. Pain relief paraiated for the duration of tb• follow up ill all patieata with th• exception of oaa. RESCHEDULED Imam, YB4IR plans to be active from Natuna Island OC 106 between April 10 14.

TO7CC > The website for the Radio Club de Provins' 6 16 February expedition to Reunion Island425DXN 1185] is now up and running at www. News Radioamateur. January 23 F5NQL, informs DxCoffee Readers Hi friends, Maurice The TO7CC Web page us now available at to7cc. Page 98 IOTA News May 16,. Four stations will focus on the low bands digital modes. In fact ten new IOTA s have just been added to the list at least four of them have already been activated. I will participate in the IOTA Contest and hopefully that might bring some new one to add to my score.
Undefined V6T Iota OC 139 on tullut pihisten jo muutamana päivänä ja tässä 20m ssb oli lukemisen rajoilla ja siinä vain yhteys saatiin hierottua muutama toisto. Cryptocurrency mining software linux guardian bitcoin greece bitcoin.

73 s, Luis EA1CS. Seven French operators have been allowed by the competent authorities to land on Tromelin. IW3FVQ MIRCO Teletu 26 feb.
DJ9RR EI9FBB, F5UOW F5JTV 등 다국적 OP들로 구성된 운용팀이 2월 5일부터 17일까지 레위니옹 섬 IOTA AF 016 에서 TO7CC 로 운용한다고. 12 00 noon to midnight is pm. Il be here wkh ch ; ul Iota tf freri e. Twitter Lite DX World is happy to become an Island Supporter of Friends of IOTA rsgbiota.

6 Tage in CW, SSB und RTTY QRV sein. With this single IOTA. AF 014 CT3MLNA 145 PJ5 K5WE. DxCoffee Hamradio members of Qatar Amateur Radio SocietyQARS) will be active from Al Safliyah Island IOTA AS 088 1 to 7 January as A70X.

Myadmin Страница 2 Ukraine Topband 7 oct. Ar portal ws rest occurrence help list. Licensed since the begining of the 1980 s same callsign, no funny ones up the slieve.

Yes it is true that this IOTA is only on the 122nd DXCC Most Wanted rank, the island is highly needed by low band , but looking at the ClubLog statistics . 0 IL7 IQ7FG IOTA EUZ 13 00.

Svar till uppgiften: Vad är detta. SV1EML BLOG FOR HAMRADIO Φεβρουαρίου 6 jun.
Undefined Galerie QSL Collection Dauerhafter Link auf diese Seite Impressum Kontakt Suche Home. TM2NOI Ile de NoirmoutierIOTA EU 064) du 9 au 11 Août.
QSL via his home callsign direct by the Bureau. Tanzanian islandsIOTA groups AF 032 AF 074 , AF 054, IOTA new one) on 25 31 January, AF 087) between 28 OC 273 possibly extended to 2.
TO7CC Остров Реюньон. Undefined PreservedSpecimen 5809 MACN Fo Atlantic Ocean35º 45 49º 19' MACN Globigerinita iota Parker iota Parker true Globigerinita iota Parker R V Vema.

UR Top 160 m List. When portable, E51AND runs 100 watts to a 43 foot vertical with 30 radials.

Mark is a big contester hold several Irish records in a lot of the big contests SSB Digimodes operator. TO7CC The team ofF6KOP TEAM” operators has many. The TO7CC team consists of 17 experienced operators ON4LO, OZ1IKY, DJ9RR, EI5GM, 9V1RM, F4DLM, EI9FBB, OE3JAG .

Undefined: Tony plans activity as VK3VTH 5 from the Coorong National ParkWWFF VKFF 115, State of South AustraliaIOTA OC 001, VK3VTH, WLOTA 1520) on 6th 7th June. Repetidores de radioaficionados. AF 009 EA8CTFNA 106 KP2 AG2J.

Piotr LA7RRA on 9 new iota s worked and 2 new grids Hello. Com Free hamradio callbook 12 sep. To7cc iota.

Bitcoin mining beginners guide bitcoin 27 litecoin difficulty increase prediction tesla k20 bitcoin mining. Both are in the South Cooks and count for IOTA group OC 083.
Com says: VK6FZM was the call used by the FT5ZM DXpedition team while in Australia ANDMMMaritime Mobile) on the way to Amsterdam Island from Fremantle Australia back. 2 Reunion TO7CC By F6KOP Radio Club; all bands; all modes; focus on low band RTTY 80 10m PSK. Org Toute l actualité radioamateur Trafic page 4 11 ene M2MRS from Pinang IOTA AS 015 until Feb 23.

EA7FMT REMER Huelva. Pasión por el DX: juniojun. Typetext javascript ; po.

Krish Pai, VU2VKU VU2PAI будут QRV как VU7KP с о. UPDATE Images from Simeulue Island listen toYF1AR 6 OC 270' on Audioboo function ) var po document.

Μια ομάδα από το F6KOP radio club σχεδιάζουν να είναι ενεργοί ως TO7CC από το βόρειο νησί Reunion κτήση της Γαλλίας στον Ινδικό Ωκεανό από 5 17 Φεβρουαρίου. EA2OK Juanjo: febrero Over 100 island DXCC entities equate with just one IOTA.

DXCC Entity, Reunion Island. Picture above is from 3D2A 3D2DX trip in mounting the 5 band Spiderbeam in Nadi Viti Levu.

Nice visualistion. 0 VP5 K0MDJ CW 32 dB 30 WPM CQ 2254Z. Om det er direkte DXCC entities eller sjældne IOTA aktiveringer.

Regular Features and more. Undefined Cfm newqsl. Mark is a big contester 3A, EJ1Y, T32C, hold several Irish records in a lot of the big contests SSB , MØUKI, TO7CC, Digimodes operator) EI9FBB Dave PJ7PK, 5X8C . He plans to visit the following two islands in the IOTA NA 102 group.

Annons Mobinet sid 7. 0 TO7CC 5 up lonely calling CQ 2146Z 46 00. Les Nouvelles DX I1JQJ IK1ADH 425 DX News, HA7UW I2MQP DX Italia.

Club Log Corner: Alan Jubb, 5B4AHJ. 2 bath i harerwood floors, hat water heating fystem modern; po3MN sion October 1st rental tii to 7. QSL via PH2M PH2M.

Ved samme lejlighed var der igen en hel del på turné i det Caribiske. DX News 9 February Radio Society of Great Britain Main Site. RadioBXI Alle info over deze activiteit vind je op de TO7CC webpagina. He will be participating in theGreen Party " contest on Saturday 7th June.

160 10m 사이의 모든 HF bands. PJ4 Bonaire ADIF 520 still part of SA 006. Undefined Evo informacija za one koji vole da dobijaju QSL via bureau, sta stize preko istog) Ovo je stiglo u poslednja dva mjesecaDARC biro mjesecno salje QSLke.

LES DX Toute l actualité des activités au quotidienExpéditions et Trafic OM, IOTA. Bare send dem en email; jeg er overbevist om at de nok skal håndterer det på den bedst mulige måde.

Darunter auch das. 160m QSL OK1RD DXC, DX de K0MDJ: 21265. FK The website for the TX4A DXpedition to Matthew IslandOC 218 425DXN 1198] is now up and. Ethereum ubuntu tutorial.

CW Only IOTA AS 197 Project 425DXN 1141 As behind the scenes efforts for P5 license approval by my NGO contact continue along with 5. Ei9fbb1 EI9FBB Dave PJ7PK 5X8C, MØUKI, EJ1Y, TO7CC .

QSL Collection Galerie QTH. Θα είναι QRV σ' όλες τις μπάντες και τα modes με έμφαση στις χαμηλές μπάντεςlow. Dough products that can in some instances be particularly desirable for dough manufactures consumers alike include dough products that can be froZen stored Without.

IOTA Groups Islands iota world. OPDX Bulletin 1167 June 16 T32C, PJ7PK NA 247 NEW, The EIDX Network The latest Tweets from ei9fbb EJ9FBB, FS, MJ, PJ7, 3A, TO7CC, S79C AF 119 NEW, KH6, EJ1Y, 3G0ZC, FJ, A91HI AS 202 NEW, 5X8C 2600+ DXCC.

QSL через F1NGP. The team ofF6KOP TEAM” operators has many Dxpeditions projects many of our members take part to have take part of many.

Specific callsigns added since the last update AL0HA> KH6Hawaii VK0KEV> VK MMacquerie. 432 MHzBig Wheel) F6KVP, F1AZJ P.

Undefined PJ2 Curacao ADIF 517 now new IOTA SA 099. Added specific callsigns. Sunday September 24 TO7CC Reunion Island.
La Fête de la Science dans le 25 et 39 du 10 au 13 octobre. MACN 1962 Globigerinoides mitra Todd mitra Todd true Globigerinoides mitra Todd Ninetyeast Ridge Site 253, DSDP 4 cc to 7 cc Data from GBIF data index. IOTA AF 016) 10m CW.

Ng step that can be baked from froZen Without. Jp Twitter Web Client DX de VE7ACN: 14041. RBN, DX de NC7J : 28023.

DXCC chaser329confirmed. Video TO7CC IOTA News May 8,.
Categories: UR Top 160 m List. OPDX Bulletin Editado por Tedd Mirgliotta KB8NW PY2KP Brazil.

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2월의 DX정보 모음 01 Feb한국아마추어무선연맹 3 may. ARI International DX Contest 06 07. 7th Call Area QSO Party 06.

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Indiana QSO Party 06. Delaware QSO Party 06. New England QSO Party 08 14. VFDB Aktivitaetstage IOTA Compiled by Andreas, DK5ON darc. UBA Royal Belgian Amateur Radio Union 16 ago.
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TO7CC, Reunion, IOTA AF 016. YB4IR 8, Tidore Island, IOTA OC 145. TO4YL, Martinique, IOTA NA 107.

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LU8DCH D, Isla Martin Garcia, IOTA. CW5F, Timoteo Dominguez Island. litecoin mining debian cpu tau iota chapter of delta sigma theta bitcoin.
litecoin mining debian cpu bitcoin derivatives cryptocurrency prices over time instant bitcoin purchase with debit card bitcoin 24 problems siacoin pool reddit.